My Nutrition beliefs are all about Balance

Eating nourishing wholesome food that support my busy life and keep me in top condition, but still being able to enjoy a slice of cake or a glass of wine. Balance is key! I don’t calorie count, but do check in from time to time on myfitnesspal if I’m training for an event to know if I am reaching my Protein targets.

I know it is possible to reach your goals without feeling miserable and I want to help you to make better choices in a practical long lasting manner with progressive results, helping you ’FeelGood’ in a sustainable manner.

If you want to address your Nutrition and take your first steps to improving your health, your energy and body composition... Book one of the 3 Nutrition coaching options below.
With Silver it will be a 1:1 nutrition coaching session guiding you on a better Nutrition path and helping you seek sustainable changes to your dietary choices. With the Gold package you will be part of a group to keep you motivated and accountable. The gold package is a combination of Fitness and Nutrition goals but doesn't have 1:1 Nutrition coaching. If you would like to get a complete food analysis and 1:1 coaching combined with a fitness plan, then the platinum package is a perfect choice for you!
The platinum package is the ultimate combination of Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training and also has the benefits of being part of a group to increase your motivation to achieving your personal goals.

The Plan

Step 1

First you will have an assessment that accounts for every aspect of your lifestyle, health, performance and nutrition goals. We’ll discuss your food preferences and eating habits, lifestyle needs.

Step 2

Your height, weight, body measurements and body composition will be measured.

Step 3

Based on the information you provide, I will create your individual nutrition plan, involving you so that the plan is practical and realistic, to fit into your life.

Step 4

I will make contact with you a few days after our initial consultation to see how the plan is working, and amend if necessary.




One off payment
  •  1:1 Nutrition consultation
  •  Identification of your goals
  •  Plan tailored to your needs



  • 6 x45 min PT session
  • 1 x Nutrition Consultation



  • 1:1 Nutrition Consultation
  • 12x 45min Personal training sessions
  • Identification of your goals
  • Plan tailored to your needs

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